Accept Credit Cards And Exceed Customer Expectations

Does your business accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payments? Is your current merchant card services solution the best choice for your business model? Taking payments in the formats popular with your customers is a fundamental requirement if you want them to take your business seriously.
The more digital payment formats that your company accepts, the easier it will be to get the sales. Efficient and reliable payments are the most important features of your income; you do not need the distractions and uncertainty of deceptive card processing fees.

Seamless, Efficient, And Secure Transactions

Whether you need a comprehensive point-of-sale solution or just a terminal that processes cards your business gains the largest channel for revenue by accepting cashless payments. All cards, plus the new tap-to-pay options like EMV chip payments, ApplePay, and Google Wallet, which give you more channels to increase your sales with tech-savvy customers.
As the business owner, you must balance the reality of digital payments against your processing needs to be as efficient as possible; minimizing fees and the risks of the modern age. The modern consumer expects seamless transactions, security, and transparency. It is the challenge for you, to achieve all of these objectives.

The Pricing For Credit Card Services

The largest names in credit card processing make much of the low prices they claim to offer merchants. Unfortunately, while the leading rate may be low, your statement may reveal a different story. Some of the biggest merchant services companies have tiered rates that vary by card, these companies group cards in tiers that set the fee that you pay, while only quoting the lowest rate.

Companies like PayPal, Square, and Costco promote their most competitive single rates. For example, credit card rates at 1.65%, it may be true that some of the transactions a merchant runs may process at that rate, but it’s not the end of story. What they do not tell you is that, in their tiered system, you pay more for keyed in transactions and corporate or business cards.

A Better Card Processing Alternative

Adding an unexpected percentage point or two to your processing fees may sound trivial. However, it might mean doubling or tripling the rates on which you base your business decisions. A careful analysis will show the impact of this uncertainty on your cost of goods sold and ultimately the profit that you earn.
Retailers, restaurateurs, and services business owners can have efficient and consistent rates. Echo Daily provides card-processing services at a fixed rate. Each transaction is billed at the rate of the card originator plus a simple service fee. Card solutions from Echo Daily span the spectrum from mobile phone attachments to complete point of sale hardware and software solutions.

Cardholder Security And PCI Compliance

Security is the one subject on the mind of every retailer these days. Recent changes in the terms of service for credit card liability means that retailers can be on the hook for fraudulent payments. However, this need not keep you awake at night. The key term to look out for on your secure transaction processing solution is PCI compliance. Compliance means protecting cardholder data, it is a standard for the industry, but it is a responsibility for you.
Echo Daily provides a PCI compliant solution so you can process credit card payments and tap-to-pay transactions without any worries. Your Echo Daily merchant account will have insurance against fraudulent transaction of up to $100,000, with no deductible.

Solutions with POS and without

Echo Daily provides the equipment and the software to capture the maximum revenue while delivering a seamless experience for your customers. We also ensure that your digital payment processing fees will be clear and consistent. Whether you need a complete point of sale solution or a standalone terminal you can have the exact system that best suits your business.
Don’t fall into the trap deceptively low quoted fees and then discovering higher rates than you expected for your card processing fees. Avoid service rate switches based on multi-tier rates. Get consistent rates and reasonable fees so you can be certain of the cost of doing business with Echo Daily. 


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